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Health care and social assistance hazards

Community service workers play an important role in assisting others. Often their workplace is someone's home.

This page has information and resources to help you stay safe.

Community services

Workers may be exposed to a range of hazards depending on the services provided, the geographical location and the clients being cared for.

The following information has been developed to assist community service providers, workers and people receiving services to make workplaces safer:

The interactive checklists below should be used in conjunction with the Guide to working safely in people's homes. The checklists are not exhaustive, and you may wish to use items according to your own circumstances. The checklists should be completed in consultation with the workers involved.

The Health Care and Social Assistance Strategy 2019-2022 (PDF, 0.65 MB) has been developed to reduce the incidence and severity of injury and disease in the Queensland health care and social assistance industry.

This webinar, featuring Suzanne Johnson, Dr Keith Adam and Brooke Dench, examines how key work health and safety risks in the health care and social assistance industry can be addressed through good work design. You might be thinking you’re not a designer, but many people can be designers of work, including managers, business owners, designers of plant, substances and structures, and designers of work processes.