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Register of nanomaterial use and storage

You must maintain a register if the nanomaterial is classified as a hazardous chemical according to Work Health and Safety Regulations.

A register must be maintained if the nanomaterial is classified as a hazardous chemical under Chapter 7, Part 16 of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011.

Where the precautionary principle is being applied, it is recommended that a register be maintained of:

  • nanomaterial use and storage
  • engineered nanoparticle generating processes.

Recommended information to be kept in the register is outlined in the following table.

1. Description of nanomaterial being used, stored, and/or manufactured 2. Description of process generating engineered nanoparticles, including identification of the engineered nanoparticle Location of the process Safety data sheet developed or obtained? Risk assessment, Control Banding Nanotool implemented and documented? Labelling implemented?
e.g. carbon nanotube   e.g. main lab Yes Yes Yes
  e.g. production of metal oxide for use in batteries   Yes Yes Yes
  e.g. glass sputtering   Yes Yes Yes
This column is used for specific nanomaterials This column describes the process being undertaken, and also lists any engineered nanomaterials that may be formed as intermediate products.   This column records if supplier has provided safety data sheet or you have developed your own. For example you could apply the nanomaterial control banding worksheet.