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Design registration of elevating work platforms (EWPs)

Schedule 5 of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 (the Regulation) requires boom-type EWPs to have their designs registered.

Refer to Section 42 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (the Act) – Requirements for authorisation of plant or substance and, S246 of the Regulation.

Relevant person

A person who conducts a business or undertaking has an obligation under the Act to ensure the workplace health and safety of each person who performs a work activity for the business or undertaking.

With respect to the operation of an EWP in a business or undertaking you may be the relevant person if you are a:

  • employer
  • contractor
  • self-employed person
  • person in control of the workplace.

Certification requirements

A certificate of registration of registrable plant design stops having effect if the design is changed in a way that requires new measures to control risk.

Example: A certificate of registration of registrable plant design would no longer be in force if the boom, basket or levelling system is changed or had components replaced with items different in specification to the manufacturer's specifications. A notification of modification would need to be lodged.

If the design for an EWP is registered by another State workplace health and safety authority and the design has not been changed in a way that requires new measures to control risk, the relevant person is not required to register the design before it can be used at a Queensland workplace.

The manufacturer or supplier of an EWP must give the design registration number to each person the EWP is supplied.

The person with management or control of the EWP must ensure that the design registration certificate number is kept readily accessible in the vicinity of the plant at all times.

A person who modifies an EWP becomes a manufacturer under the Act and has an obligation to ensure the modified plant is designed to be safe and the modified design is design registered.