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Mist fans

The Electrical Safety Office has issued a prohibition notice to prevent sale or use of certain 'mist' fans, effective 9 June 2020.


Mist fan

Image A: Coolmate mist fan

Mist fan Tradequip

Image B: Tradequip mist fan

The known possible brand and model numbers are listed below:

Brand name: Coolmate Group Limited mist fan (Image A)
Model numbers: DB-26CF01; DB-26CF02; DB-26CF03; DB-26CF05; DB-26CF06; DB-26CF08; DB-18; DB-20; DB-26; DB-30

Brand name: Tradequip Industrial Pedestal Misting Fan (Image B)
Model numbers: 1182; SKU 1182T

There are some variations and other brands with similar products available in the market. Please check for any that look like the images above and contact your electrical contractor to test and make safe.

Any brand or model of mist fan that has this construction is prohibited from sale.

Safety issue:

Coolmate mist fan:

Commonly used in cafes and restaurants, these fans can be fixed to walls or self-supporting and have a water container at the base. Water is pumped up to the fan, creating a misting effect.

There is a cord from the supporting body of the fan to the fan motor that can be unscrewed as shown in the photograph below (Image A). The three pins in the photo can be live at 240VAC, and if touched may give you an electric shock.

electric shock risk for 3 pins in mist fan

Image A: Coolmate mist fan

Tradequip mist fan:

The user has access to live parts if they disconnect the connectors to the fan, misting unit or the water pump. Users are at risk of electric shock.

Action required:

Users should stop using these products immediately. Contact your supplier for more information regarding these recalls.