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Selling electrical equipment

Anyone involved in the supply chain of electrical equipment sold in Queensland must ensure equipment is electrically safe.

Household, personal and similar use equipment is regulated under the Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS) in Queensland. All other equipment is required to meet essential safety criteria .

Electrical equipment safety system

The requirements to sell household, personal and similar use electrical equipment in Queensland are determined by EESS.

The EESS is governed in accordance with an intergovernmental agreement with other Australian participating jurisdictions. The EESS website was established as the central point of information and portal to the EESS registration database.

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  • Equipment safety
    Electrical equipment that is not in-scope electrical equipment (for example, a commercial oven in a bakery) still needs to be electrically safe.
  • Electrical equipment certification
    The Queensland Electrical Safety Office (ESO) does not issue certificates. Certificates can be obtained from accredited Recognised External Certification Scheme (RECS), or other Government Regulators.
  • Warning signs for sale of electrical equipment
    A person who conducts a business or undertaking that involves the sale of electrical equipment to the public must not sell an item of particular electrical equipment unless a ‘Don’t Do-It Yourself’ (Don’t DIY) warning sign is displayed.
  • Ongoing responsibilities for suppliers
    Meeting the pre-market requirements for selling in-scope electrical equipment is only the first step for a responsible supplier.
  • Sale of second hand equipment
    Sellers of second hand in-scope electrical equipment must ensure that it is sold with information on how to use it in an electrically safe way.