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Animal handling

Farm animals can cause serious injury if not handled properly.

Animal handling work may involve:

  • riding
  • drenching
  • dipping
  • tagging
  • branding
  • shearing.

Animals can give a swift, hard kick, so watch their behaviour, respect their size and strength and where possible don't stand behind them.

People need to know their limitations around animals and work within them to avoid injury. By understanding animal temperament and behaviour, the risk of injury can also be reduced.

When using chemicals and medication with animals, read the product labels carefully and follow manufacturer's instructions and safety directions. Safety data sheets (SDS) provide important information on safety risk from agricultural chemicals and should be read and understood before use.

If headaches or any other discomfort is suffered after handling chemicals, seek medical advice and have appropriate tests performed. Avoid these chemicals if possible and use full protective clothing and breathing filters when handling chemicals.