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Pool chemical retailers

There is a range of hazards associated with the storing and handling pool chemicals in the retail sector.

Pool chemical retailers store and handle hazardous chemicals and related  products associated with pool water treatment including:

  • hypochlorite solution also known as  liquid pool chlorine
  • hydrochloric acid and 'pool acid'
  • calcium hypochlorite
  • sodium dichloroisocyanate
  • trichloroisocyanuric acid
  • sodium hydrogen sulphate
  • hydrogen peroxide.

A guide for pool chemical retailers (PDF, 1.52 MB)  identifies a range of hazards associated with the storage  and handling of pool chemicals found in the retail sector.

Hazards include:

  • storage and handling of hazardous  chemicals in packages
  • storage of hypochlorite solution in  tanks
  • bulk delivery of hypochlorite  solution
  • dispensing hypochlorite solution.

The guide also:

  • includes appropriate risk control  measures based on good industry practices and relevant standards to assist pool  chemical retailers protect people, property and the environment
  • outlines relevant safety obligations  and provides practical tools to assist with meeting these obligations.

Practical tools provided in the guide include:

  • a chemical register
  • an example risk assessment for  hypochlorite solution storage and handling
  • pool chemical specific compatibility  charts.

Retail outlets such as service stations and hardware stores will have  additional hazards that are not covered here, for example, the hazards associated  with the storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids such as  fuels and oils.

The guide is based on relevant Australian standards.