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Participative ergonomics for manual tasks (PErforM) guidance for high-risk industries

PErforM is a simple manual task risk management program where workers get involved in making their jobs safer.

What is PErforM?

PErforM is a manual task risk-management program based on participative ergonomics. PErforM aims to reduce the amount of musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace.

The PErforM program:

  • provides a framework to help employers engage with workers at all levels to identify, assess and control manual tasks risks within their workplace
  • has been used successfully in a wide range of industries
  • can be applied to most types of hazardous manual tasks.

NOTE: PErforM is not recommended for people and animal handling tasks or computer workstation assessments.

Who has used PErforM?

Industries such as:

  • mining
  • civil construction
  • construction related manufacturing and wholesaling
  • aged care
  • food processing.

What are the benefits for my organisation?

  • better control of manual task risks
  • legislative compliance
  • improvements in productivity
  • improved worker knowledge about manual tasks risks management.

Getting started

Before implementing PErforM at your workplace make sure you have:

  • management commitment and support
  • identified a suitable site champion (coordinator and/or trainer)
  • workforce participation.

Depending on your existing resources you may want to consider employing a consultant to help (PDF, 0.34 MB) implement the program. When contacting the consultant you may want to ask if they are familiar with using a participative ergonomics approach for managing the risks of hazardous manual tasks and/or if they have facilitated the PErforM program before. These organisations may also be able to assist:

PErforM resources

PErforM resource manuals, frequently asked questions, handbooks, worksheets, presentation and case studies.

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