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Falling object protective structures (FOPS)

A falling object protective structure keeps operators safe from objects falling onto the cab.

What is a falling object protective structure?

A falling object protective structure (FOPS) is a safety device fitted to a tractor or other machinery. It is a mesh sheeting structure that provides the driver with protection from accidental falling objects, like branches, rocks and hay bales.

It is used in situations such as tree felling, working with hay bales, landscaping, earthworks and more.

How do I choose the right falling object protective structure?

Choose a FOPS that has been manufactured to suit your tractor and meets Australian standards.

It must have been tested according to the procedures outlined in AS 2294 Earth-moving machinery, Protective structures.

In addition:

  • it must provide a structurally sound and sufficiently sheltered space
  • if the structure deforms, any intrusion into the cabin space must not reach the driver
  • the falling object should not perforate the structure and enter the cabin.

The FOPS should be marked legibly and permanently with:

  • the name and address of the manufacturer
  • the identification number
  • the make, model or serial number of the tractor(s) it is designed to fit
  • the relevant Australian Standard or other acceptable standard it complies with
  • other important information, including installation, repair, or replacement details.

For more information about tractor safety refer to the Safe Design and Operation of Tractors Code of Practice 2005 (PDF, 0.5 MB).