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Safety Leadership at Work

The Safety Leadership at Work Program is designed to improve safety culture and contribute to reducing work-related injuries and fatalities in Queensland workplaces.

Through the program, safety leaders at all levels have the opportunity to learn from others, develop their safety leadership skills and build a positive safety culture in their workplace.

The best safety leaders develop their practices over time, learning from others along the way. The Safety Leadership at Work Program provides direct access to leaders who have already commenced their safety journey, so that you can apply their learnings directly to your own workplace.

Join the program

Find out about the achievements of the program in the last year, download Safety Leadership at Work, Our Year in review, 1 July 2015 - 30 June 2016(PDF, 2.66 MB).

Who is a safety leader?

Anyone can become a safety leader.

Safety leadership exists at all levels of an organisation and across all industries. While the level of safety maturity will vary from person to person and across different organisations, all safety leaders share a common objective - to create safer and more productive workplaces.

The Safety Leadership at Work program welcomes participation from everyone:

  • workers, supervisors, managers and business owners
  • small, medium and large firms
  • public, private and not-for-profit organisations.

Why join?

Join the program for free and learn how to influence and build a positive safety culture through:

  • webinars, forums and safety leadership events - receive special membership rates!
  • films, benchmarking tools and case studies
  • updates on leading industry practices
  • direct access to business leaders to apply their learnings directly to your own business
  • networking opportunities to explore solutions to common issues and influence your industry's safety culture.

Program charter

The Safety Leadership at Work Program charter outlines the vision, purpose and objective of the Safety Leadership at Work Program.