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The safety capability tools

The safety capability project provides access to the Safety capability survey plus a suite of tools and resources that organisations can use to support their improvement efforts.

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Now, not only is it a survey, but it's a, it's a whole, uh, suite of tools that organisations can use to really support their improvement efforts. So there's things like project plan templates, information flyers and technical documents that organisations can use to get advice and actually understand, well, I've got these opportunity areas, these weaknesses, what do I do about it? What are some of the evidence-based practices and tools that I can put in place to really make an impact and improve my safety capability? OIR even going to the extent of integrating the measures of Safety capability project with an existing package of resources called the OIR Safety Fundamentals Resource kit. And that's really targeting small businesses to provide a starting point through to a comprehensive information product that that larger organisations can use.