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What can businesses access to build safety capability

Hear about the three areas of focus, access dedicated webpages on the WorkSafe Queensland website including resources and tools and the Safety capability survey available to workplaces.

RUN TIME: 1 mins 54 secs

Speaker 1 (00:01):
Workplace Health and Safety Queensland have really adopted a holistic approach. They've mapped the three areas of focus, the three enabling capitals, the organisational, the social, the human, and really aligned that with tools and resources that organisations can use. Furthermore, it goes beyond the physical safety and also considers psychological or psychosocial risk in how we can manage those more effectively. And finally, it includes recovery and return to work. A special module designed specifically for this, this particular tool to help organisations understand things like cultural stigma towards injury and illness, uh, and the effect, the ability for, uh, workers to feel comfortable speaking up and reporting there, their injuries and accidents in the workplace.

Speaker 1 (00:44):
One of the great resources that WHSQ has developed is a dedicated webpage, which will be the primary contact point for all organisations seeking to use the measures of Safety Capability Survey. This dedicated webpage will enable organisations to understand the requirements for how we actually undertake the safety capability surveys, and what benefits the organisation may realise as a result of taking part in that and participating in that process. Through this website, you can register your organisation and, uh, basically have a very seamless and secure process to engage with the measurement tool. Cur University has, uh, has kindly provided that platform and we partnering with the Office of Industrial Relations moving forward,to deliver an automated,an effective reporting mechanism for people looking to see, well, where are my strengths and where are my opportunity areas? Once you register, um, you'll be receiving a unique identifier and a survey link that's unique to your organisation. So all of the confidentiality and data security requirements are taken care of. This holistic package really gives a one stop shop for organisations seeking to measure their safety capability and do something about it practically.