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Using the safety capability resources

By undertaking the Safety capability survey, organisations will be sent a report that analyses their results and will provide practical steps and advice on some actions you can take to improve your safety capability.

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You're probably wondering what next, what sorts of outputs or deliverables do I get out of this process and how's it gonna help me to actually make a difference in my organisation? Well, organisations that undertake the measures of safety capability actually have complete control over the reports and analysis of their organisation's survey findings. So the reports get generated automatically by the Curtain University platform, and you'll receive a unique link that enables you to actually look into those reports yourself. It's all privacy and confidentiality protected. And the report will actually link to the most appropriate resources based upon your organisation's specific results. So, for example, the report will include action oriented information for you based upon maybe two or three lowest scoring dimensions or topics within that particular measure. Uh, now the measures or the measures will point to specific actions and those resources that are sitting behind the tool.

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We'll provide the practical steps and advice on some actions you could take to really turn the dial on your safety capability and your safety performance consultation is a really big part of, of, of our health and safety obligations and just effective safety management in general. So we really encourage you to take advantage of the focus group process to not only take a quantitative or a survey-based approach, but also engage with your workers, hear from them firsthand about why we got the certain results or pattern of data that we did, and what are some of the actions that they suggest you should undertake as managers or employers to really build their safety capability action plan that's going to make a difference. Now we really encourage you to go forward for trial it out and actually have a chance at improving your safety capability moving forward into the future. OIR and Workplace Health and Safety Queensland are here to help you, here to guide you and support you through this improvement efforts.