Mentally healthy workplaces

A comprehensive approach

A four-part model to creating a mentally healthy workplace.

Promote positive mental health practices.
Prevent psychological harm through proactive risk management.
Intervene early to minimise harm.
Support worker recovery from injury and illness.

Key statistics

Mental Health at Work Action Plan

The Mental Health at Work Action Plan aims to:

  • build leadership capability at all levels of industry to better manage workplace psychosocial hazards and risks
  • turn the latest research into practical, evidence based tools
  • work with community, industry and social partners to increase the visibility and importance of mentally healthy workplaces
  • increase recognition of psychosocial hazards and ability to meet legal requirements.

Guidance and tools

Psychosocial hazards are factors in the design or management of work that increase the risk of work-related stress which can then lead to psychological or physical harm. These resources can assist you to prevent and manage psychosocial hazards:

Mentally healthy workplaces toolkit

This toolkit provides practical tools and resources that employers, managers and leaders can use to create and maintain mentally healthy workplaces.

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