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Reporting and recording defects

Inspection reports

If repairs/replacements are required under AS 2550.15 Cranes – Safe use – Concrete placing equipment or the manufacturer's recommendations, then the owner of the plant or equipment should record it in the log book.

If no action is taken, or the equipment continues to fail to meet the assessment criteria, then the inspector may order that the equipment be removed from service immediately.

Welding and other repairs

Only a welder or service provider holding the appropriate qualifications, and where possible in possession of the manufacturer's current specifications, may perform welding or repair work on:

  • the concrete pump; or
  • equipment such as the placing boom, the outrigger system or any other stressed structural component that is related to the overall equipment stability or structural integrity.

Reporting defects

A pump operator should report defects immediately:

  • if a defect is considered to be a hazard to safety, pumping operations should be stopped until the defect is repaired
  • the details of reported defects and subsequent action taken should be entered into a log book

Log books and inspection record sheets

  • Instruction, maintenance and repair manuals should be kept in a safe place at the registered premises, and should include a parts catalogue.
  • The operator should be familiar with the contents of the instruction manual which should be available at the site of operation.
  • All log books and inspection record sheets must show complete details of all inspections, tests, repairs, replacements and modifications carried out on equipment, in accordance with AS 2550.15 Cranes – Safe use – Concrete placing equipment and be available for inspection by the principal contractor or person in control of the workplace.
  • Evidence that the pump and other equipment has been inspected and certified to be 'suitable for continued service' (i.e. in a safe working condition), should be made available to the principal contractor or person in control of the workplace for inspection (on request), before the unit is allowed to operate on site.

Warning and safety signs

Ensure that all warning and safety signs/stickers are in good condition, legible and positioned on all equipment (after being inspected and found to be serviceable), in accordance with AS 2550.15 Cranes – Safe use – Concrete placing equipment.

For more detailed information on reporting and recording defects check Section 5.9 of the Concrete pumping Code of Practice 2019 (PDF, 1.04 MB).