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Hazards are anything that can cause harm and every place of work has them. Understanding the hazards at your work can help you manage risks and keep workers safe and healthy.

This information will help you identify the hazards at your work and the steps you can take to reduce or remove risks for yourself and your workers.

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  • Hazardous manual tasks; plant, equipment and vehicle

    Machinery and equipment

    Agriculture, forestry and fisheries plant includes a range of machinery and equipment including farm vehicles such as tractors and quad bikes.

  • Environment; material

    Sheep handling and shearing

    Information about sheep handling and shearing including mulesing, jetting, dipping and drenching, mustering, lifting sheep, diseases from animals and shearing.

  • Hazardous manual tasks; plant, equipment and vehicle

    Power take-off shafts

    The power take-off (PTO) shaft has been involved in a large number of serious and disabling entanglement accidents, many resulting in death.

  • Hazardous manual tasks; plant, equipment and vehicle

    Farm vehicles and harvesters

    Farm vehicles, utes and harvesters are hazards on farms. Proper operation of farm vehicles and harvesters can reduce accidents.

  • Environment; material

    Pig handling

    Information about working with pigs, lifting and other factors.

  • Hazardous chemicals; electricity; plant, equipment and vehicle; environment;material

    Construction in the agriculture, foresty and fisheries workplaces

    Information about construction in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries workplaces.

  • Electricity; hazardous manual tasks; plant, equipment and vehicle

    Working at heights

    There are a number of hazards associated with elevating working at heights and work platforms (fixed, adjustable and automated).

  • Hazardous manual tasks; plant, equipment and vehicle

    Safer ways to work out of produce bins

    Risks and solutions associated with moving produce from produce bins.

  • Health and wellbeing; hazardous manual tasks; mental health; plant, equipment and vehicle

    Safety of older farmers

    As the rural workforce continues ageing, there's an increased risk of fatalities and serious injuries.

  • Hazardous manual tasks; plant, equipment and vehicle

    Safer sorting and grading on conveyors

    Information about risks and solutions for sorting and grading vegetables on conveyors.

  • Environment; material; plant, equipment and vehicle

    Silo safety and confined spaces

    A person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) must manage the risks associated with confined space, such as a silo, at a workplace including confined space entry permits, signage, communication, emergency procedures and written risk assessments.

  • Environment; health and wellbeing; hazardous manual tasks

    Fruit harvesting and packaging

    Information about orchard operations, picking and emptying bags, ladders, hydraulic ladders, grading, packing and carton making, pruning equipment, and mango picking.