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Become an accredited assessor

The purpose of accreditation of assessors is to provide a consistent high standard of assessment of individuals applying for high risk work (HRW) licences. This helps to satisfy employers, and others who have duties under health and safety laws, that workers are competent to perform HRW.

This also helps ensure the health and safety of workers and others in the workplace.

A licence to perform HRW is part of a system which authorises individuals to carry out particular classes of work. There are various high risk work licence classes (e.g. scaffolder, dogger, tower crane operation and forklift operation). This national system has been incorporated into Queensland law by the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 (the WHS Regulation).

A person must be trained in accordance with the relevant unit of competency by a registered training organisation (RTO) in order to obtain a licence under the WHS Regulation. An accredited assessor, who is approved by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland will then assess the person as competent against the relevant assessment instrument.

How to apply

To become an accredited assessor for classes of HRW, you need to provide WHSQ with:

You can provide evidence of operational experience through a variety of methods, including proving your hours of operation, training experience, and assessor experience.

Lodging your application

Mail your application to:

Licensing and Advisory Services
Workplace Health and Safety Queensland
PO Box 820

Induction session

We will invite you to attend an assessor induction session if you are granted accreditation. Completion of the induction session is mandatory.

The induction session includes coverage of:

  • the conditions of accreditation as an assessor for HRW classes in Queensland under the WHS Regulation
  • work health and safety legislation
  • compliance activities
  • administrative requirements for assessors.

For new assessors, attendance at an induction is generally required within four weeks of gaining initial accreditation and must occur before conducting any HRW assessments. After the completion of the induction, assessors are required to sign the Conditions of accreditation as an assessor for high risk work classes (PDF, 921.29 KB).

Inductions are held regularly in Brisbane and in regional areas. We will inform accredited assessors will of upcoming inductions via email.

A public register of accredited assessors (XLSX, 469.83 KB) is maintained by Office of Industrial Relations. Your details will be entered on the register should you be granted accreditation as an assessor (or should your accreditation as an assessor be renewed).

Last updated
27 January 2016

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