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  • Video

    Electrical safety for apprentices

    The Electrical safety for apprentices film is aimed at both apprentices and supervising tradespeople to help to build the capabilities of apprentices to be safe and productive at work. Find out how to give your apprentice the best support, training and mentoring within your business.

  • Publication

    Annual report 2020-2021

    This report summarises WorkCover's results, performance, outlook and financial position for 2020–2021.

  • Video

    Return to work barrier series: Management of hand injuries

    Gain a better understanding of the management of hand injuries, focusing on five common work related hand injuries, clinical signs and symptoms and appropriate rehabilitation approaches. In this workers’ Compensation Regulator webinar, Dr Desmond Soares and Amanda Mackillop discuss ways to reduce the barriers encountered by injured workers and employers during return to work following hand injuries.

  • Video

    Coupling and decoupling trailers safely

    Safe coupling and de-coupling of trailers can be unsuccessful and result from poor maintenance, mechanical failure, operator error and can result in a dropped trailer either on-site or on a public road. This film instructs truck operators how to safely couple and de-couple trailers.

  • Video

    PErforM network webinar: Sundale

    In this webinar you will hear about how Sundale implemented the PEforM program and the challenges and success they experienced. The Office of Industrial Relations facilitates a network to support organisations implementing the PErforM (Participative Ergonomics for Manual Tasks) program. The network supports workplaces using PErforM to discuss their challenges and share their learnings.

  • Video

    Tailoring claims management webinar

    Taking the right actions at the right time leads to better outcomes for workers who are recovering from a workplace injury. This webinar sets out best practice return to work processes.

  • Video

    Managing hazardous manual tasks

    Ensuring health and safety by good work design is essential to maintaining your business’s productivity and success, its safety record, and to engage and motivate your workers through positive interaction.

  • Publication

    Annual report 2019-2020

    This report summarises WorkCover's results, performance, outlook and financial position for 2019–2020.

  • Video

    Common law risk management strategies

    Jason Lewis and Kara Thomson of Hughes and Lewis joins us to discuss common law risk management strategies for employers.

  • Video

    Good to get back – Anthony's story

    Paramedic Anthony was diagnosed with a back injury and, at 60 years old, had doubts that he would ever be able to return to the job he loves.

  • Video

    Working on a safer Queensland

    This film shows the proactive and participative side of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland's activities.

  • Video

    Chemical security in the community

    This film provides general advice to the community about suspicious behaviour relating to chemicals of security concern. Trust your instincts—if you suspect it, report it to the National Security Hotline.