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  • Video

    The right start - shaping a culture of safety for young workers

    Supervisors and managers influence the health and safety of young workers through good work design. Good work design for young workers includes effective induction and training, appropriate supervision and feedback, and support and mentoring.

  • Video

    Apprentice and supervisor webinar 2020

    Dan and Ed are tradies and cofounders of TradeMutt, an Australian workwear brand. Together they discussed the stigmas around mental health.

  • Video

    Electricity Safety Summit 2020

    Dave Burt discussed how to normalise conversations and change the culture around mental wellbeing in the industry.

  • Video

    The common law claim process

    Lodging a common law claim can be a complicated process, so here is some information which we hope will assist you in deciding whether this is the right journey for you.

  • Video

    No sprains, big gains

    It pays to be safe and healthy at work. Many employers and workers become complacent about manual tasks without any thought of it in their respective workplaces.

  • Guide

    Preventing injuries in poultry processing

    With the rate of time-lost compensation claims in poultry processing nearly double the Queensland average, research into injury prevention in the industry was recently undertaken.

  • Video

    Tractors - a crushing blow

    You can take some simple steps to prevent yourself from being seriously crushed by a tractor.

  • Video

    PPE for equine veterinarians

    Equine veterinarians need to evaluate each horse and use appropriate personal protective equipment for the three main levels of risk.

  • Video

    Child safety in home workplaces

    Your home business can be as dangerous as any other workplace – how are you protecting your kids?

  • Video

    Secondary Mental Injuries - Prevention and Support

    In this webinar recording, WorkCover Queensland Manager of Mental Injuries, Michelle Turton, welcomes guest presenter Tatjana Jokic, registered Psychologist and Managing Director of JK Corporate Resourcing, to explore secondary mental injuries in workers compensation.

  • Video

    Electrical contractor webinar 2021

    This recorded webinar is for electrical contractors, electricians and anyone working in the electrical industry to hear industry updates and learn more about electrical hazards and mental health.

  • Video

    Safety in animal handling

    This films explains solutions to make your stockyard safe for workers.