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  • Video

    Selecting the right respiratory equipment

    When respiratory protective equipment is required as part of a hazard control strategy, it is critical it is selected and used appropriately to ensure the required levels of protection are being achieved for all workers.

  • Video

    Communicating with doctors - back to basics

    Dr Matthew Brandt, specialist occupational and environment physician, leads this workers' Compensation Regulator webinar, providing insight into the communication process between injured workers, their workplace and the treating doctor. He provides strategies and solutions to enhance the effectiveness of communication in promoting and sustaining an early and safe return to work.

  • Video

    2020 Personal Injury Case Law Wrap Up

    Daisy Duff and Angela Brookes of Hall & Wilcox joins us to review personal injury cases from 2020.

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  • Video

    Vehicle loading crane (VLC) stabiliser safety

    There have been incidents where vehicle loading crane (VLC) stabilisers have unintentionally extended during travel. This can cause fatalities, injuries and damage to roadside property (parked vehicles). This short film sets out the campaign by WHSQ and the Department of Main Roads in 2018, some of the faulty locking devices that were identified during the campaign, and a demonstration on how to ensure your VLC is safe and compliant.

  • Statistics

    Workers' Compensation scheme statistics reports

    The workers' compensation scheme statistics reports present a snapshot of the workers' compensation scheme as a whole, and have been released yearly since 2000.

  • Video

    Good work design for young workers

    The 'Good work design for young workers' webinar focused on influencers of health and safety for young people at work. You can listen and watch the webinar recording or view the presentation slides and transcript.

  • Video

    Working in and around mobile plant

    This film explains how to manage the interaction between powered mobile plant and pedestrians to keep your construction site safe.

  • Video

    Work health - strengthens your business

    Port of Brisbane shares their experience with work health and wellbeing and how it has helped strengthen their businesses.

  • Video

    There's no such thing as a safe shock

    Doctor Chris Andrews discusses the effects of electric shocks to the body and how even a minor shock can lead to physical and mental issues.

  • Video

    Live Well Farm Well - Healthy Eating

    Healthy and happy people farm better: Steve Lizzio and family at Liverpool River Bananas, Silkwood, NQ, are improving the health of their workers using such programs as Eat It and the 10,000 Steps program. The workers tell their story of how they got involved.