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Category nine – Best rehabilitation and return to work management system

In 2020, Sunwater implemented the Healthy Worker Framework, which realises the impact of both work-related and non-work related injuries and illnesses on their employees and customers. Supporting their procedure is the Injury Management Risk assessment tool which provides consistent and fair risk assessments of all non-work-related injuries. The risk assessment steps the return-to-work coordinator, supervisor, and people and culture representative through a series of questions to determine the level of risk in undertaking workplace rehabilitation for non-work related injuries and illness. The tool requires input from all three parties and their area of specific knowledge to ensure a fair decision that focuses on the injured person’s capabilities and ongoing possible reasonable controls.

Sunwater’s performance in injury management provides insight into their people’s health. They proactively manage non-work-related injuries and work-related injuries and discuss performance with their Board and Executive Leadership who have endorsed an All-Injury-Frequency-Rate metric. In taking proactive management on non-work-related injuries, Sunwater has supported the early return to work for close to 70 non-work-related injuries and illnesses over the past two years, representing nearly a fifth of their workforce.

Category 9 - Sunwater