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RGF Staffing APEJ

Category nine – Best rehabilitation and return to work management system

RGF Staffing APEJ have a customer centric approach focusing on individual needs and acknowledging that no two people are the same. RGF have a dedicated Injury Management Team with backgrounds in allied health, insurance and operations. Each employee is allocated an Injury Management Specialist (IMS) who is the primary facilitator of treatment and return to work.

The administration system used by IMS requests ‘Risk assessments’ be completed post initial contacts and at key milestones throughout the claim. This tool assists in identifying barriers, including not work related (NWR), that may affect a worker’s recovery. The tool considers employee, psychosocial, employment, rehabilitation, treatment provider and case manager factors. Information collated ranks a claim as low, medium or high risk, and provides opportunity for the IMS to implement strategies to overcome barriers and reduce any stress on their employees.

Using the risk assessment tool and attending case conferences regularly, the IMS team can communicate barriers back to the business so strategies can be rolled out in an efficient manner to support the worker. RGF processes are reviewed regularly upon feedback received from staff, clients and employees via online feedback forms. Claim costs, at work rates and volume of employees participating in return to work are analysed monthly to assess recovery outcomes, and where identified, make amendments to better support RGF’s employees.

Category 9 - RGF Staffing APEJ