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Joanne House

Category eight – Injured worker achievement award

In early 2021 Joanne suffered a psychological injury at work resulting in low energy, inability to leave the house without a family member being present, inability to talk to work colleagues and diminished self-confidence.

Joanne’s initial return to work phase included reduced duties and hours at her previous workplace. There had been significant organisational change occur with restructuring, staff changes and upgrading and integration of legacy computer systems. Throughout this period, Joanne’s ambition was to return to work in full capacity. Some adjustments were required, and Joanne embraced each obstacle as it came and saw opportunities for growth and learning along the way.

Joanne was placed with a host employer as part of return to work program, with the goal to return to her previous place of work following treatment. Her skills, experience, positive attitude and ability to learn was acknowledged by the host employer who was able to assign her with higher duties.

Throughout recovery Joanne’s rehabilitation and return to work goals were developed and adjusted when required during each return to work phase. She had a collaborative approach, open, honest communication with members of her rehabilitation team and was able to maintain a growth mindset with any challenge she encountered. Joanne sourced employment with a host employer while she started a dual diploma to formalise her skills and experience. Joanne demonstrated a consistent commitment and determination to return to work.

Category 8 - Joanne House