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JBS Australia, Northern Division

Category one – Best solution to an identified work health and safety issue

Category seven – Best demonstrated leadership in work health and safety

JBS Australia, Northern Division have designed and built a double deck livestock trailer fitted with a pneumatically operated handrail system, similar to other operational systems on tanker trailers. They built this system following extensive consultation with livestock drivers and Rytrans Manufacturing, a trailer manufacturer.

The handrail system works by allowing the handrails of the livestock trailer to lift up and lock in place when activated. This provides a fall protection for drivers of the livestock trailers when they access the top tier of the trailer. The handrails fold down when they are not in use, making them the same overall height of the trailer when down.

The handrail system is an industry first for livestock trailers and limits the risk of falls from heights, for example when top livestock crates are accessed by the drivers. The handrail system is integrated into the design of the livestock trailer and can be easily activated by the driver in all parked locations.

JBS Australia, Northern Division has demonstrated their leadership and commitment to providing a safe workplace for all employees. The handrail system is being implemented to all livestock trailer fleet. This is the beginning of their risk control processes. JBS are continuing to work towards other safety innovation and design processes to provide a safer working environment.

Category 1 & 7 - JBS Australia, Northern Division