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K-Valve Systems

Category six – Best demonstrated healthy and safe work design

K-Valve is a testing and inspection device, engineered to streamline the testing of sewer and storm water systems used in all residential, commercial and industrial environments. The K-Valve design allows for easy install, using the multi-faceted K-Valve as the standard inspection and test opening, applying the separate test plug during the testing phase and finalising the process with the permanent plug and cap.

The unique K-Valve test plug controls the flow of water by a simple quarter turn relief valve eliminating risk of injury to the wrists, hands and fingers and reducing the amount of time workers spend in awkward postures. The K-Valve system is also much faster than traditional testing methods, cutting the process down from five minutes to 10-15 seconds.

The K-Vale eliminates any chance of losing a plug and also has a pneumatic functionality that contributes to water saving opportunities.

The K-Valve product is designed for PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC) installations. A High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) version is in development for use in areas such as restaurants, commercial supermarkets and hospitals which deal with alkalis, acids and chemicals as well as trade waste applications. This system removes exposure to previous manual task risk from the constrained access to the inspection opening pipework, where work is performed by hand inside the pipe.

Category 6 - K-Valve Systems