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Category five – Best commitment to work health and wellbeing

Seqwater recognise that the physical and psychological health and wellbeing of their staff is extremely important to their organisational excellence and growth. The diversity of Seqwater’s staff operations, roles and geographic locations result in various risks to their health and wellbeing. Seqwater strive to positivity influence the health and wellbeing of staff by embedding their values of integrity, respect, care and courage into their ‘Water for Life vision’ and ‘Safe for Life Promise’.

Seqwater linked one of their five performance indicators directly to health and wellbeing. This forms part of their corporate strategy. They also have a strategic objective to have a high performing culture that is focused on enabling improved outcomes for people’s safety, health and wellbeing.

Seqwater developed a 2022–2025 health and wellbeing strategic plan that introduces more strategies and guiding principles around ‘quality of access’ to people. This helps to ensure health and wellbeing resources are available and accessible to all employees. Seqwater have an annual health and wellbeing program ‘Well for Life’, which supports their strategy and details the wellbeing initiatives available. Seqwater leaders act as champions and role models for this program. Leaders demonstrate their commitment to health and wellbeing by promoting a positive health and wellbeing culture and encouraging employee participation. All leaders have a performance indicator to engage in meaningful conversations where they have at least two ‘Water for Life’ conversations each month, focused on employees’ wellbeing. Seqwater strive to embed healthy practices at an individual and organisational level integrating four levers for sustained change management of chronic disease risks: culture, work design, leadership and work environment.

Category 5 - Seqwater