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St Joseph's College Gregory Terrace

Category four – Most significant improvement to work health and safety performance

St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace identified that they had a reactive health and safety system resulting in poor culture in reporting and involving community. The college set out to develop a proactive health and safety system by allocating more financial resourcing. New health and safety employees were engaged, and a Compliance Unit was formed that worked closely with other newly created Human Resources and Return to Work units.

St Joseph’s College developed a compliance strategy that included:

  • community consultation
  • more than 100 risk assessments
  • establishing a Community Risk and Compliance committee that involved staff and parents
  • education and training on health and safety duties
  • implementing a new system to report hazards and risks.

The college’s culture has changed and is largely community focused, involving the community in health and safety matters. Employees, students, parents and volunteers are aware of their health and safety obligations and are happy to report and assist the college to identify suitable risk control measures. The leadership team support and continue to provide resources towards the college’s health and safety system and monitor the results on a continual basis.

Category 4 - St Joseph's College Gregory Terrace