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Patrick Hampton, RSL Queensland

Category four – Most significant improvement to work health and safety performance

RSL Queensland has expanded significantly over the past 18 months and is now the largest military veteran support organisation in Queensland, growing from 150 staff (2019) to over 450 staff (2022). This has increased the complexity within the organisation and the number of working sites across Queensland. The need to improve work health and safety management systems was identified in 2020. Drivers included negative results from an employee engagement survey, increased number of incidents and claims, leadership feedback and safety concerns when faced with challenging clients.

Patrick Hampton was appointed as a Work Health Safety and Wellbeing (WHSW) Specialist. Patrick reviewed the current framework and systems and identified processes and procedures within the organisation that needed updating.

Patrick has helped RSL Queensland improve their WHSW culture, recognising the unique and challenging environment of the organisation. He revamped the WHSW Management Committee and focused on engagement with staff to develop a robust, broad and easily accessible health and safety framework.

Patrick’s personal drive, enthusiasm and genuine desire to have a positive impact on the organisation helped raise the importance of safety in the workplace and improve safety culture. This is demonstrated though the:

  • WHSW Performance Evaluation Plan (developed by Patrick)
  • bi-annual employee engagement survey
  • completion of hazard rectification from inspection reports
  • analysis of accident and incident reports and achievement of recommendations
  • examination of WHSW committee records and achievements.
Category 4 - Patrick Hampton, RSL Queensland