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Black Hops Brewing Pty Ltd

Category four – Most significant improvement to work health and safety performance

Black Hops Brewing Pty Ltd has experienced significant growth over the past few years. Continuous growth in production means they had outgrown their work health method statements. Previously workplace health and safety were outsourced, and control measures were implemented internally by management. As the business grew, so did the need for work health and safety (WHS).

Black Hops found themselves under-resourced without specialised WHS personnel and limited compliance and training documentation. Multiple high risk areas within their production facility required qualified work health and safety personnel to help create a safety culture that focused on employee engagement.

WHS, in particular managing manual tasks in production, warehousing/deliveries and hospitality venues was implemented across three sites. Black Hops integrated WHS into their onboarding process. All new starters are trained in correct processes and policies in their first week of employment.

The founders of Black Hops allocated and invested a large number of resources to ensure safety is the priority within the organisation. All staff are trained in correct policies and procedures to minimise risks and increase safety in the workplace. This includes extensive training in the safe operation of new equipment.

Black Hops now has a robust, comprehensive, compliant and collaborative work health method statements and safety culture that supports staff participation, collaboration and consultation. Staff perception on safety is monitored by a safety climate survey every six months.

Category 4 - Black Hops Brewing Pty Ltd