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Balmoral Engineering

Category three – Best solution to an identified electrical safety issue

Balmoral Engineering developed the Rotamarka to reduce accidental powerline contact for industries (aviation, agricultural and construction). The Rotamarka is a red and white spinning marker that highlights the location of overhead powerlines near where work needs to be done.

Extensive industry consultation was conducted during the design of the Rotamarka to ensure all elements of its design were considered so the product would be effective. Rotamarka’s have been effective as an administration control as they have reduced the number of overhead powerline incidents. Ergon and Energex are also using them and providing incentives for others to install and use them.

Balmoral Engineering has conducted extensive testing to ensure the Rotamarka is robust and reliable in our harsh Queensland environment. They are unique as their movement and high contrast stimulates the senses of awareness.

Category 3 - Balmoral Engineering