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Stephanie Walker, WorkCover Queensland

Category ten – Best individual contribution to rehabilitation and return to work

Stephanie is a case advisor at WorkCover Queensland. She believes that at the end of the day the worker is the hero of their own story. Her involvement in claims is a small part of an injured worker’s recovery journey, hoping to provide a positive impact through the long life of a claims experience.

Stephanie tries to understand what an injured worker’s goals are when planning their return to work, considering medical and other relevant information. She inspires and leads others to achieve outcomes. Stephanie recently transitioned to an onboarding and academy trainer role where she shares her experience and knowledge with others.

Stephanie has achieved excellent return to work outcomes and delivers outstanding performance while managing her complex caseload. She is looked up to as a mentor, sharing her expertise with other. Stephanie excels at working across the business and with specialist groups.

Category 10 - Stephanie Walker, WorkCover Queensland