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Direct Formwork Pty Ltd

Category one – Best solution to an identified work health and safety issue

The Ultrastick 1.35 metre magnetic pickup tool is a magnetic tool used to remove foreign materials on formwork prior to concrete being poured. This is a difficult and hazardous task as the pour area is laced with steel reinforcement sections that can be up to 200 metres from the pour deck and often held together with tie-wire.

The pickup tool was designed based on prototypes built that addressed the safety issues of manually doing this job. The product doesn't require any awkward assembly or patented technology. It only needs the handles to be pulled up so that the ferromagnetic items that have been collected can ‘drop off’ the end. The tool also eliminates the need to walk on top of steel reinforcement and bend down to pick up sharp metal objects, reducing body movement.

The pickup tool is made from polycarbonate, making it extremely light and strong (complete weight is 980 grams). The pickup tool’s ergonomic length and weight make it suitable to use all day if required.

The Ultrastick magnetic pickup tool, especially on formwork sites, improves worker morale and cleanliness of the work site with more workers willing to do the job that nobody wants to do in a safer and more productive way.

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