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RACQ responded to the COVID-19 pandemic through a comprehensive suite of initiatives, supported by strong leadership commitment. Throughout the pandemic RACQ was able to manage the wellbeing of 2500 staff as well as maintain the essential services it provides to its members.

The priority for RACQ was initially to maintain consistency and compliance while keeping staff informed. The CEO drove the internal communications by distributing a series of emails and videos with updates on the pandemic and RACQ’s response. A new intranet page was set up with links to information and resources, and an innovative education program was rolled out based on a new character - ‘Hy-Genie’. Hy-Genie is an eye catching and fun way to reinforce COVID safety messaging and was bought to life through life-sized cardboard cut outs and an animation featuring the character.

Communication with members and the community was supported by a strong social media strategy. As the pandemic progressed, the approach focused on positive and uplifting content, drawing attention to the work RACQ was doing for the community in various environments including on-road, retail branch, workshops, corporate and office environments.

Other initiatives included:

  • installation of thermal cameras at corporate offices
  • ‘Yam Jam’ sessions were held as a two-way communication tool for leaders and staff to raise issues and concerns
  • Virtual Health Hub was launched and WeFLEX (flexible working arrangements) was introduced.

These innovative initiatives have now been integrated into RACQ day to day operations.