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National Electrical and Communications Association

NECASafe is an integrated online safety management system that helps manage workplace health, safety and environmental records and compliance actions.

NECAsafe has been proactive in the research, investigation and development of safety programs to address arc flash safety. Research findings identified that many electricians were daunted by the prospect of an arc flash calculation which is used for selection of PPE and controls, and some workers bypass this important risk assessment procedure.

By analysing the calculations based on the formulae in Appendix B of ENA NENS-09, table 9 of AS/NZS 4836:2011 and IEEE 1584 Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Hazard Calculations, NECA were able to develop a simple risk assessment method for arc flash hazards and an easy way for electricians to identify and choose the correct PPE. By using the KA (kilo amps) rating on a circuit breaker (which can be seen onsite), electricians can use the NECASafe PPE table and choose the appropriate PPE. The NECA PPE table has been included in the NECASafe electrician SWMS template so that they can easily refer to while in the field.

After introducing the PPE table to NECASafe, their team ran 17 electrical safety workshops to 260 electrical businesses and over 600 attendees. The NECASafe team have also provided over 100 personal advisory visits to NECA members to help them understand and use the PPE table.

National Electrical and Communications Association