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Nancy Andrian - category ten

Nancy Andrian is the Injury Care and Recovery Manager for Lendlease Queensland. Her core service is to support 810 staff in their wellness journey and return them to their best lifestyle after injury or illness.

Nancy has adopted and embraced an ethics-based philosophy on return to work, underpinned by science and knowledge. It involves three core pillars:

  1. The recognition that the business’s most valuable assets are its employees and its commitment to assisting them navigate the return-to-work process.
  2. The provision of reasonable accommodations for individuals with a physical or mental health injury to enable them to perform the essential functions of their jobs or another appropriate job.
  3. The establishment of a return to work program that is interactive, immersive, participatory and possesses a collaborative approach to suitable processes. This allows all stakeholders to explore options and arrive at the best outcomes for the employees.

Nancy’s greatest achievement is the design, construction and implementation of an employee program called LEWI. The app is a digital wellbeing toolkit that supports staff to take the appropriate steps to ensure the physical and psychological safety of people. It acts as a gateway to resources, products and services related to wellness, mental health and psychological safety.

Nancy has directly made a positive impact on return to work outcomes for the business including:

  • the average cost of claims has halved since 2018
  • a stay at work rate of 80 per cent
  • 100 per cent improvement of projected app adoption
  • average user rating 7.86 out of 10 for the app.

Nancy Andrian