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Jacinta McCartin

Jacinta McCartin is the Director at Coastal Rehab - a boutique Occupational Therapy practice established in 1997. Jacinta’s philosophy is that for a worker to engage in any occupation, the activity must be meaningful. That is, job satisfaction and personal beliefs about an individual's capacities and effectiveness are critical to their rehabilitation and return to work success.

She takes a person-centred approach and uses insight into why a worker wants to return to work and the benefits of treatment, while considering effects on personal relationships to provide services to her clients. Jacinta considers an individual’s personal and family values and cultural beliefs that might shape their career aspirations or perceived barriers to achieving their return to work outcomes.

Jacinta builds strong relationships with her clients and their workplace by providing resources to supervisors or rehabilitation and return to work coordinators so they can feel informed and empowered. She identifies transferable skills to maintain a worker’s self-belief when they cannot return to their usual occupation.

Jacinta shares her research on return to work outcomes to help clients understand the importance of early intervention, education and practical support strategies.

Jacinta McCartin