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PRM Engineering Services Pty Limited

Sentinel VISION AI is a human only pedestrian detection system (PDS) used to identify when a person has entered a hazardous area. It uses the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to reliably identify a person’s presence and warn operators, pedestrians or site employees of the danger.

This engineered control for people and plant separation improves safety for operators and pedestrians in dynamic everchanging work environments. This human–only detection system incorporates multiple cameras which are mounted to mobile machinery such as wheel loaders, excavators or refuse trucks. The cameras are pointed at the zone operators want to detect a pedestrian and these images are processed by an AI neural network that is trained using machine learning and information input algorithms. The network pulls the image out and if there is anything that looks like a person or a part of a person, an alarm will sound.

A variety of situations have been considered including camera distances, vehicle lighting, dust and dark conditions which were all tested, including the durability and materials used in the cameras.

The system will interface with the machinery it is installed on, ensuring that real time challenges are addressed in the field. Sentinel VISON AI can adapt to different types of excavators, loaders, trucks and other types of mobile machinery and conditions.

The system has also been trialled for forklifts in warehouses, bulldozers and loaders in transfer station applications, excavators in construction and maintenance applications as well as use in standard residential waste trucks.

PRM Engineering Services Pty Limited