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Lock Jaw Ladder Grip

A father and son team were driven to improve ladder safety after experiencing a debilitating ladder injury. The Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is a lightweight and durable safety device that secures the ladder to guttering and prevents the ladder from slipping, reducing risks when working at heights.

The Lock Jaw Ladder Grip contains an adjustable locking mechanism that secures it to a range of gutter types without causing damage to the guttering and can be used for a variety of ladder sizes. It is manufactured from UV protected, glass filled nylon and steel, making it strong and durable, yet lightweight and easily portable.

It has the capability to lock onto a gutter within five seconds using a clamp system that finds the locating jaws under the lip of gutter profiles to prevent the Lock Jaw Ladder Grip from being pulled off a gutter, even under extreme forces. It uses a two-axis adjustable bar so that the locating bar can be securely locked against both axis of a ladder rail to prevent any movement.

The solution was created in consultation with telecommunications workers, tradespeople, regulatory bodies, and tooling manufacturers but can be used by all trades or members of the public that need to access a roof or work on the side of a building with guttering.

Lock Jaw Ladder Grip