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Wesley Mission Queensland - category nine

Wesley Mission Queensland’s (WMCQ) rehabilitation and return to work management system is led by a committed and accountable executive team. Management is involved in:

  • reporting on return to work (RTW) trends and outcomes at Work Health and Safety Advisory Committee quarterly meetings chaired by the CEO
  • monthly case reviews with service directors, particularly addressing complex cases and impediments to successful RTW
  • integration of injury management programs with other organisational workforce support services such as mental health and wellness, and human resources services.

WMQ operates an early intervention treatment program where workers can access up to four treatments for minor, work and non-work-related injury paid for by Wesley Mission. It takes a holistic approach to injury support by investing in in-house capability, including mental health practitioners, over 100 mental health first aiders, EAP services and a wellness coordinator.

WMQ’s injury hotline provides workers with a convenient and responsive injury reporting process to advise their manager of an injury and undergo a clinical assessment. This simplifies the development of the treatment regime and hotline staff can arrange medical appointments on behalf of the worker with a network provider or the worker’s family GP.

WMQ’s collaborative approach, strong communication between stakeholders and a holistic return to work system has resulted in:

  • return to work of injured workers at 98.5 per cent
  • an increase in stay at work rates across all areas of between 5 and 15 per cent
  • statutory claim costs for the 21/22 financial year forecasted to be down 30 per cent.

Wesley Mission Queensland