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Mendi is a second-generation civil construction business that has been operating for over 60 years. After a drop in safety performance and increasing number of injuries, Mendi introduced an experienced health, safety, environmental and quality team to work on the business’s safety culture. As the business grew, the business brought in site safety officers to help identify and control risks across all projects.

The team had a very strong focus on employee engagement and the investment in additional resources meant workers felt a greater sense of appreciation for work health and safety. They built strong relationships with the workers by encouraging participation and ownership of individuals contribution to the big picture.

Through education and training, workers gained new skills that improved overall engagement in safer work practices, including:

  • educating workers on the responsibilities for safety and their work mates’ safety
  • promoting a positive reporting culture with a no blame philosophy
  • training workers in basic risk identification and control
  • increasing on site safety presence
  • providing good amenities on site to promote interaction and show that management care about the wellbeing of the workplace.

In 2020 Mendi rolled out 222 toolbox talks, the launch of the Mendi Get Fit Program (30 per cent participation), external training for staff (35 per cent participation) and monthly safety awards.

Mendi Group reached the significant milestone of working 1750 days without incurring a lost time incident and are enjoying higher levels of productivity, manageable cash flow and better staff morale and engagement.