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Easternwell Camp Management

Easternwell, a large mining and resource business, has a full-time dedicated wellness coordinator to lead the health and wellbeing initiative and programs for the internal business, as well as external clients. From the general manager down, health and wellbeing is embedded into the overall safety culture.

Easternwell’s Live Well program is a holistic approach to health and wellbeing and is designed to benefit workers in the workplace and in their home lives. It delivers targeted programs and material based on the primary pillars: nutrition, physical health, mental health, and community benefits.

All senior managers have a personalised 'personal safety action plan'. These plans include activities like field visits, company-wide meetings and toolbox talks, fundraising events, and health and wellbeing awareness events or presentations.

Each month there are two focus wellness themes which include a toolbox talk, a poster and napkin dispenser inserts. Each month the material is sent out to staff and displayed around the workplace, mining camps and other offices.

Staff engagement is critical to the continuous improvement of the program. Staff are regularly encouraged to participate and provide feedback directly to the health and wellbeing coordinator and the health and wellbeing survey.

To ensure the Live Well program is sustainable and continuously improving, Easternwell uses a 'plan on a page' approach, to ensure they are accountable for progressing the program and upholding its strong health and wellbeing culture.