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Nuflow Technologies

Nuflow inspects, cleans, clears, repairs and relines residential and commercial pipes as well as researching and manufacturing customised and innovative solutions to fix pies.

A Nuflow staff member, Marty, suffered a stroke at work and was later placed into an induced coma. Marty’s stroke affected his ability to speak, walk and the functionality of his right arm and leg. Marty went through an intense rehabilitation that included learning to walk, communicate and use his right arm while overcoming the challenge of not being able to drive or return to his job as a chemical mixologist driving forklifts.

Nuflow’s strong comradery played a crucial role in Marty’s return to work. Throughout his rehabilitation he was visited by his colleagues and manager and invited to a staff BBQ. Nuflow continued to pay Marty his full wage, had a sign (Marty’s Shed) made and put in place at the shed that Marty used to mix chemicals.

Nuflow worked with Marty, his rehabilitation coordinator and physio to get Marty back into the workplace in a new role operating the laminating machine. Nuflow management and health and safety officers wrote a new risk assessment and standard operating procedure for the role to make sure it was suitable for Marty’s physical limitations and included teammates working with him to complete tasks.

Not only has Marty benefited physically and mentally by being able to return to work, Nuflow has also found:

  • it was able to keep a valued employee
  • production has increased
  • young workers see the value of looking after staff
  • an increase in morale
  • it contributed to Marty’s sense of purpose.