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Nancy Andrian - category eleven

Nancy Andrian is the Injury Care and Recovery Manager for Lendlease Queensland. Her core service is to support a total of 810 staff in their wellness journey and return them to their best lifestyle after an injury or illness.

Nancy inspires others by leading from the front, seeking continuous improvement through innovation and challenging the status quo. She demonstrates leadership qualities of honesty, integrity and confidence and adopts an ethics-based philosophy on return to work underpinned by science and knowledge. Her approach is to:

  • recognise that the most valuable asset to a business are its employees, and its commitment to assisting them navigate the return-to-work process
  • provide reasonable accommodations for individuals with a physical or mental health injury that allows them to perform the essential functions of their jobs or another appropriate job
  • establish a return to work program that is interactive, immersive, participatory and collaborative.

Nancy communicates effectively and positively influences all stakeholders involved in the rehabilitation process. She builds rapport through collaboration and is committed to sharing knowledge and experience to genuinely co-create a vision of success with the people who are responsible for making it happen.

She is the driving force behind innovative, creative return to work and wellness solutions by developing and implementing a new online application called LEWI – Lendlease Employee Wellness Information. The app is a digital wellbeing toolkit that supports staff to take the appropriate steps to ensure the physical and psychological safety of people.

Nancy has been described by her peers as a highly skilled, intuitive, nurturing leader who goes above and beyond for the staff at Lendlease.