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Martin O'Hara, Nuflow Technologies

Marty was working as a chemical mixologist for a pipe lining company when he was assisting a colleague to pick up materials for the factory and he suffered a stroke. Marty was taken to hospital and placed into an induced coma. Part of Marty’s brain had been badly affected by the stroke, affecting his ability to speak and walk and the functionality of his right arm and leg.

After hard work and determination following an intense rehabilitation schedule Marty’s mobility started to improve. With the help of a walking brace he took his first steps, until they removed the brace and he can now walk on his own unaided.

Because of the commitment Marty had to his recovery it was not long before he was ready to get back at work. His employer, Nuflow, worked with Marty’s rehab coordinator and physiotherapist to create a pathway for Marty’s return, which included working on the laminator machine with a suitable duties plan.

A team loads felt into a laminate machine and Marty operates the foot peddle while monitoring the process. Just six months after his stroke Marty is back at work two days a week. He has progressed to be able to pack the finished product into a box ready for the next process. He is slowly able to take on other tasks with revised training documents, standard operating procedures and risk assessments to suit what he is able to do.

Due to his continued determination, along with the support of his family, doctors and workplace, Marty’s return to work has benefited his mental health just as much as his physical health as it provides him with a sense of purpose and achievement.

Martin Ohara