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Geoff Spannagle, AACo

AACo employee Geoff Spannagle was fencing in new cattle cells when he had to change a flat tyre. The jack slipped out from under the car and the brake disc landed on Geoff's hand, pinning his hand against the gravel. Geoff sustained broken bones and severe cuts to his right hand.

Geoff needed numerous surgeries, ongoing hand therapy and counselling. The loss of strength in his hand has meant there are some tasks he has to change, like cutting vegetables, or things he can’t do anymore, like shoeing horses.

For Geoff, work is like a second home, so he focused on getting the best out of all his treatment so he could get back to see his colleagues. Working with AACo management, Geoff was active in his return to work planning. They worked together to create a new gardening maintenance role for Geoff. He had input into the tasks he would do each day and helped to write his new position description.

Geoff’s new role has given him a sense of purpose and fulfillment. He enjoys being active and learning new skills such as gardening and helping out in the kitchen. Geoff has even grown pumpkin vines, basil plants and tomatoes for the kitchen and other staff to enjoy.

With approval from his doctor and therapist Geoff is now back to full time hours and is determined to increase his strength and functional range of his hand from his therapy,

‘Coming back to work is by far the best medicine you could ever be prescribed, far better than any pain killers!’ - Geoff.

Geoff Spannagle