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Craig Hatchard, Transport and Main Roads

Category eleven – Best demonstrated health and safety work design

Craig has been on a two-year journey to improve asbestos management across the Transport and Main Roads business. He successfully used his own expertise to build organisational knowledge, increase awareness and implement a structured system to control risks.

With the support of Transport and Main Roads' leadership team, Craig demonstrated his commitment to learning about the needs and capabilities of the people involved and visited worksites and operational depots. He dedicated a significant amount of time to meet shift workers and made himself available around the clock with the 'Better call Craig' initiative.

Showing real innovation, Craig led the development and implemented of a digital asbestos register (GECO). Taking into consideration the different work and geographic location of Transport and Main Roads' workers, this application contains information about more than 9,000 asbestos locations. This register allows for the reviewing and directing of action on a case-by-case basis.

Craig's expertise is valued by his colleagues and the organisation. His hands-on attitude and effective engagement with all levels of staff has transformed Transport and Main Roads' attitude towards training, education and ultimately resulting in a complete cultural shift towards working safely with asbestos.

Craig Hatchard, Transport and Main Roads

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