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Mendi Construction

Category six – Best demonstrated leadership in work health and safety

Mendi Construction has been operating for 60 years and is a second-generation family business offering integrated civil construction services. Senior management prioritised investing in a large recruitment drive after it became apparent that the safety department was under resourced and it was having a direct impact on the safety performance of the business.

Mendi Construction hired five new full-time safety professionals whose priority it was to engage the workforce, review and improve reporting and develop a plan for continuous improvement of the integrated safety management system.

It committed to building workforce capabilities and over 35 per cent of Mendi Construction employees participated in a registered training program or apprenticeship over a 24-month period. It also offered mentoring and on the job training to improve performance and importantly, to reduce turnover and implement succession plans.

Since the new safety team came on board, Mendi Constructions has surveyed staff several times and surveys indicate higher levels of productivity, better staff morale and engagement and better manageable cash flow.

Mendi Constructions

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