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Verton Technologies Australia Pty Ltd

Category one – Best solution to an identified work health and safety issue

In the past, the only way to safely guide a suspended load has been through the use of tag lines and a robust risk management plan. Unfortunately, the risk of a serious or fatal workplace incident remains, as well as serious damage to buildings, equipment and infrastructure if the load moves.

The Verton R-Series is a remote controlled, electromechanical, load-management system. Onboard sensors interpret real-time load movement and the software automatically moves the load into position. The R-Series allows total control of the load and automatically orients loads to the correct direction on pickup and drop off.

This innovative product eliminates the need for taglines or operators to be near or under moving loads. The R-Series can cut the time it takes to move a load by up to 25 per cent and reduce hook up time by up to 50 per cent. This has the potential to reduce the cycle time of up to an hour in a standard working day and improve planning based on efficient and repeatable work processes.

While the R-Series has been designed for tower cranes, there are plans to use them on mobile cranes and future potential to move into other industries like mines, ports, offshore and renewable energy wind farms.

Verton Technologies Australia Pty Ltd