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Pole Grab Pty Ltd

2019 SWRWA Winner

Category one – Best solution to an identified work health and safety issue

When using a ladder to work on a pole there are significant risks from the ladder moving or the worker losing balance. Safe Work Australia reported that between 2003 and 2011, 37 workers died in Australia following a fall from a ladder.

Pole Grab is an innovative system that allows a ladder to be secured to a pole before taking one step off the ground and the worker is harnessed to a safety line, minimising the risk of a fall.

The Pole Grab safety ladder system allows the worker to secure a head rope and a base rope around the pole from the safety of the ground. The worker is harnessed to a safety line before they climb the ladder and can use a pulley to hoist their tools to the working position. Installation of the Pole Grab system is around 15 minutes and can remain secured to the ladder and the pole.

Pole Grab is designed to fit most multi-extension ladders without any drilling or causing any structural damage to the pole or ladder. If there is an incident where the worker does slip from the ladder, the harness is designed to catch the person, preventing them from falling to the ground and allowing them to descend safely.

Pole Grab Pty Ltd