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Susan Bryer, WorkCover Queensland

Category nine – Best individual contribution to rehabilitation and return to work

Susan Bryer has been a customer advisor at WorkCover Queensland for 11 years, helping injured workers and employers in the small business industry better understand the benefits of early intervention for better return to work outcomes.

Susan is passionate about making sure injured workers and their employers are supported throughout their rehabilitation journey. She really gets to know each of her clients and thinks outside the box about how injured workers can return to work, suggesting a range of return to work options.

She takes the time to understand the impact on the person's work life, as well as their family and social life. By understanding what the injury means for the worker and what their drivers are to get back to work, Susan is able to engage the necessary medical providers to get the best rehabilitation plan for the individual.

Susan regularly shares her success stories with the WorkCover community through their internal communications. WorkCover then uses these stories in communications with customers to educate and raise awareness about best practice injury management to achieve successful return to work outcomes.

Susan Bryer, WorkCover Queensland